Bridging the housing deficit

Bridging the housing deficit in West Africa, one quality house at a time

We are Verdant Homes!

Verdant Homes is a lagos-based real estate investment and development firm.
The firm is positioned as a classic and opportunistic development entity, seeking to identify and execute attractive development opportunities, building the best quality project at the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time and with the lowest risk exposure.

A focus on quality and innovative design are at the centre of all Native Land developments. We commission and coordinate world renowned architects to create places which contribute positively to those that live, work and enjoy them.

Why Us ?

We manage it all

Our team has an extensive understanding of every aspect of property development: from conceptualisation through to the tangible production of each structure, as well as marketing properties on behalf of investors and property and facility management.

We work with fellow experts

No development succeeds without a team of architects and designers who know their stuff; we’re proud to source and work with some of the very best in the business so that each project is handled with care and the right level of experience to ensure that each investment is in good hands.

We’re always innovating

Because we’re single-minded about creating homes that deliver clever living at its out-of-the-box best, our in-house design team pushes the limits with each new build. The result? Smart design that translates into even smarter spaces.

We design lifestyles

From rooftop pools and social areas, to gyms and private gardens, our developments are built around the current lifestyles of our residents and a vision of what these lifestyles could entail.

We build with the environment in mind

We harness the latest technology to increase efficiency, decrease our environmental footprint and enhance value throughout the development process. Centralised heat pumps, LED lighting and VOC-free paint are standard features in all our new developments.

We generate outstanding returns on investment

We not only create buildings that enhance the environments in which they sit and boost their investment potential but also ones that provide buyers with sound investment opportunities in Nigeria’s property market.

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